Terms and Conditions

  • Please do not touch any of the displayed artifacts, statues and artwork.

  • Mobile phones should at all times be kept on silent mode within the studio.

  • Please remove your footwear before entering the practice room.

  • Please come 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class.

  • Come well-hydrated and avoid caffeinated products (including green and black teas) a few hours prior to a hot class.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable to move, stretch, and sweat in. Materials that breathe and wick away moisture are most suitable.

  • Blocks, straps, and bolsters are provided for your use. If you prefer your own props, please feel free to bring them.

  • Although there are lockers available, we ask that you leave your valuables at home.


  • In case of class cancellations, customers need to inform Arya Yoga DMCC one hour in advance of the start of the class to avoid any charges​.

  • Cancellation policy for packages: No-show’s or late cancellation will result in one class/day getting deducted from your respective package.

  • Arya Yoga reserves the right to cancel classes one hour before the start of the class.

  • Freezing is allowable twice for the 12 months unlimited packages and once for other unlimited packages. Total number of freezing days is 60.


  • All payments once processed are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  • Last admittance to class is 10 mins past the start of the class.

  • Bookings should be made online or over a call or whatsapp in advance to guarantee your space.

  • Students must check in at the reception at least five minutes before the start of your class, even if you have an online booking.

  • All students must inform the teacher of injuries for the teacher to adjust your practice accordingly.

  • Arya Yoga DMCC reserves the right to refuse admissions.

  • Arya Yoga DMCC accepts no responsibility for any property left, theft or damaged property on the premises. Please be responsible for your belongings.


  • Arya Yoga DMCC waives all liability for client who does not follow the instructed class or has not disclosed medical conditions or recent injuries. Please do be aware that it is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor if you feel unwell or any discomfort.

  • By using Arya Yoga DMCC facilities you accept that there is a risk associated with all forms of exercise either during or after the class.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to practice within their personal limits and to decide, whether or not to follow the advice and guidance provided by the yoga teacher.

  • Any personal injury or fatality incurred before after or during the classes would be under the student’s sole responsibility, where Arya Yoga DMCC and its teachers hold no liability.