Power Yoga

Power yoga is a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga.

Power yoga incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas, gives each teacher the flexibility to teach any poses in any order, making every class different. 

Power Yoga is a great way to combine the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of yoga with high intensity, calorie-burning exercise.

What to expect

Although power yoga classes vary widely from teacher to teacher, you can expect to find some intense flowing yoga with a minimal amount of chanting and meditation. If you decide to try a power yoga class, prepare to work hard and to work up a sweat.


  • Enhances stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus

  • Relieves tension and releases toxins through sweat

  • It also improves circulation and the immune system, is good for your heart and strengthens your bones, muscles and joints

  • Improves concentration and decreased stress

  • Helps with weight loss