Our Clients say

Alessia Osti

I have been practicing yoga since one and a half year privately and due to unexpected circumstances I needed to find another studio to continue my practice and living in JLT I have decided to try Arya Yoga Studio. 

The best thing could ever happened to me! 

I have attended several classes with Rohith and every time I feel that my practice is getting better and better as poses, breathing and technique. Rohith is very knowledge and attentive to the point that after my first class I could see that he had completely understood my needs and the way how to take my practice forward. 

I cannot recommend Arya studio enough - if you want to learn real YOGA.

Abishek S

I found Arya Yoga via the complimentary class. The class was exactly what I was looking for.I wanted a location which provides a break from my work routine and calms me down.It has been great so far with Rohith who takes his time to ensure you do the Asanas correctly

Sabine Haddad

I hated Yoga before joining Arya Yoga Studio. I was never flexible nor patient, so i thought it wasn't for me. But following a spine injury, i joined Arya Yoga and in only 2 months I've seen my back, my flexibility and peace of mind improve. They are super professional and the place is very clean. We are never more than 3 in a course which gives the instructors time to focus on each person. Highly recommended!

Sumitha Menon

Having practiced Yoga in several studios in various countries,  I find Arya Yoga quite refreshing unlike other studios in Dubai. It is simple, clean and the approach is very direct. Rohit is a trained teacher who is brilliant at correcting postures and alignments. It has been a pleasure visiting the studio the last few months.

Lisa Cason

I joined to heal a knee injury 4 months ago, I have recovered completely, still regularly attending Rohith’s classes and enjoying every single one. The instructor is extremely competent, patient and caring. The studio is cozy, friendly with a very relaxed atmosphere; classes are usually small allowing students plenty of space to practice and full attention of the instructor.

Sushant Buttan

My wife and I have started practicing Yoga at Arya Yoga and are enjoying our experience here. It’s a small studio and offers a very personalized experience and is beautifully and elegantly maintained. Our teacher Rohit is one of the nicest Yoga teachers we have experienced. His teaching is the right balance between being disciplined and at the same time being aware of the students limitations. Overall very professional team and a pleasant experience.

Tarn Kaur

I have been doing yoga for many years but my practice was not very regular after I had two babies. I discovered Arya yoga through ClassPass. I have been attending classes with Rohith and cannot recommend him enough. He is very knowledgeable, patient and focused teacher. His classes are challenging but he ensures you are doing the best you can while gently guiding and aligning you. I am a regular now and feel a difference in my practice already! 

Daniel Pugh

I have a bad back. A cocktail of problems over the years and I'm not getting any younger and the doctors recommended Yoga. I started out with Rohith (with a degree in yogic science:)) having home private lessons and he was brilliant...a staged approach after analysing my doctor's reports. It's hard work but he was attentive, focused and wanted me to improve. I had two full months of home classes and then I joined the studio proper. It's a great club, lovely people and good value for money and not massive classes which is brilliant as you get more attention. Arya yoga is a hidden gem in Dubai and I intend to make the most of it. Great tuition, even for beginners and rubbery people alike. I can't recommend highly enough.


Nisha is very well trained and a highly talented yoga trainer. Her deep understanding and extensive knowledge and experience of yogic science is clearly evident from her teachings. Within 10 sessions itself, her expertise has helped me get rid of acidity and sinus. She is kind, friendly, punctual and a very positive individual. I am very pleased to have met her and will continue to train with her as long as I am in Dubai.

Tina H.

I’ve just had my first Yoga – session with Rohith and it was fantastic. I feel so relaxed, perfectly stretched and totally aware of all my body parts. I can recommended this class to everyone who needs some meaningful relaxation from everyday challenges.

Bhanu Pratap

Attending regular classes at Arya Yoga Studio, excellent place to rejuvenate and get a new breath of life under many Yoga Specialists. Some of Teachers are highly committed to their profession and best in their yoga teaching approach. I have very high regards for Mr. ROHITHAKSHA and Ms. ELHAM for their contribution to my wellness and wellbeing.

Ana D

Recommended & Good service, well experienced instructors. All yoga instructors have well knowledge and experience. first they listen your health issues and then as per health problems they teach you yoga which will be result oriented.


Instructor Hema is really a great hope for your health issues. She is the only Indian female yoga therapist with full of knowledge available in Dubai. If you need a best result just go to this yoga center. They treat each client or patient separately as per their health issues. There are many yoga instructors in Dubai who just learns from You Tube and teaches you yoga. Be Careful with them. Before going to any yoga center do the fact check especially about their knowledge and results with other patients.

Tina Heimberg

I‘ve been doing Yoga classes at Arya Yoga Studio for a couple of months and I enjoyed every single one of them. The trainers are amazingly supportive, patient and helpful. Even the location itself is beautiful and very clean. After each class, I feel that I improved my flexibility and body awareness. Thank you very much, dear Rohit, Nisha, Elham and Arce!

Veronica Rutherford

I have been going here twice a week for 3 months now and I feel great! I have had severe lower back pain that limited my movement and since joining classes at Arya Yoga, I have noticed more and more improvements after every class. Mr. Rohith is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend him! The space is clean and bright, the staff is very helpful, and the price reasonable. I am so happy I found this place - my life is better for it. Thank you!!

Rohit Kohli

I have been using Arya Yoga for personal lessons and have been extremely impressed by the trainer, the service, the training and the overall experience.

Joy Spiropoulos

I really like the ease and flexibility of the classes, the teachers work with you at your own pace but still assisting to get you to the next level. The small class size has also helped as it feels like a personalised yoga experience. Really enjoy my daily practice here.

Deepa Sing

Wonderful instructors, who are patient during classes. I have attended a few sessions since February with 3 different instructors and enjoy every single one of them. Teachers correct kindly and gently push to improve flexibility and technique. Great receptionist who is very kind and responsive to inquiries via email and texts. The studio set up is simple and peaceful.


I was completely a novice to Yoga when I had the pleasure to join a package of Hatha Yoga with Elham. She made me feel completely at ease from get go. From her calming voice guiding through the meditation to her coming to adjust my amateur poses to perfection, my experience has been the most peaceful and fulfilling. Over the course of a month I can say that my Yoga skills have already improved considerably. The premises are clean and tidy and the classes are punctual. Would definitely be visiting Arya Yoga again! 

Silvana Sewell

Yoga class was amazing, relaxing but also was pushed outside my comfort zone which gave me awareness of my capabilities.

Trainer was very supportive and assisted throughout the active class. Would very much like do this class again. Studio very clean and tidy and in excellent condition.


It was my first class and I have very much enjoyed it. I appreciate the support and the attention in adjusting my poses. Very nice general advice on well-being.